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· Employment contracts (drafting, checking, advising, etc...).

· Affiliation and Contribution (denunciation for company breach, processing, negotiation).

· Temporary disability (challenging medical discharges, contingency sentences).

· Professional qualification and promotion at work (denunciation, processing, negotiation).

· Wages, special bonuses, seniority bonuses, etc... (claiming non-payments, processing, negotiation).

· Wage Guarantee Fund (processing, claiming).

· Working time, working hours, overtime, night work, shift work, breaks, holidays and leave (denunciation, processing and negotiation).

· Holidays (denunciation, processing and negotiation).

· Voluntary improvements due to company Collective Covenant, Pact or Agreement (processing, claiming).

· Damages (processing, claiming).

· Amendments to work contracts due to functional or geographical mobility or due to substantial changes in work conditions (dispute, negotiation).

· Corporate subrogation in employment contracts (denunciation, processing, negotiation),

· Employment contracts to evade the law by providing temporary employees to other companies (denunciation, processing, negotiation).

· Suspension of employment contracts due to absence, job layoffs, business decisions based on economic, technical, organisational or production reasons, for reasons of force majeure, or paternity.

· Reduced working hours (due to job layoffs, business decisions based on economic, technical, organisational or production reasons).

· Termination of employment contracts at the decision of the employee (denunciation, processing, negotiation).

· Collective redundancies, nullifying job layoffs (dispute, negotiation).

· Objective redundancies (dispute, negotiation).

· Disciplinary redundancies (dispute, negotiation).

· Misdemeanours and fines (dispute, negotiation).

· Collective representation (advice, promoting elections, etc...).

· Employee meetings (organisation and advice).

· Collective Agreements (negotiation, advice, drafting, processing).


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