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Social Security


· Offences and Penalties in Social Security Matters (dispute, claim).

· Temporary disability (challenging medical discharges, contingency sentences).

· Affiliation and Contribution (denunciation for company breach, processing, negotiation).

· Maternity and paternity leave (advice, claiming benefits).

· Permanent disability (advice, processing).

· Retirement (advice, processing).

· Death benefit (advice, processing).

· Widowhood (advice, processing).

· Orphanage (advice, processing).

· Special compensation for death (advice, processing).

· Family benefits (advice, processing).

· Unemployment benefit (advice, processing, SEPE claims (Public Employment Service)).

· Unemployment subsidy (advice, processing).

· Disability (advice, processing).

· Work Accidents (investigation, determination, processing, claims).

· Work Illnesses (investigation, determination, processing, claims).

· Lack of Social Security Measures (sanctions, declarations, processing, challenging and fixing benefit surcharges).


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