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The LUENGAS IBARGUTXI firm specialises in Employment Law, defending workers. This specialisation, which we have focused on since we started, has allowed us to develop specific knowledge that does not reach other firms.

Within the employment sector, we cover various branches of the Law that converge at the time of giving legal advice for real problems, such as, for example, Work-Related Accidents.

Indeed, Employment issues not only involve a resolution in Employment Courts, but must also be accompanied by parallel processes in Administrative Litigation, Civil and Criminal matters.

These are procedures that are well known by our experts, which therefore ensures unwavering success at the time of defending the interests of our clients.

Not forgetting issues and rights that are unknown to those who are not fully specialised in this matter.

Our efforts are aimed at ensuring our client a comprehensive solution to any employment problem in a rational and intelligent manner to fully satisfy their interests.





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